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Clinical Training

Clinical training

The Curriculum of Allied Health Science Programmes has been specially designed to help students understand the basic concepts in the field and to apply the knowledge during their internship training in the real health care setup. The Allied Health Professionals are expected to have excellent skills in their respective field of study. The clinical training plays a vital role in the study of Allied Health Sciences and a good clinical setup provides an important platform to learn and apply their knowledge in their profession.

The KMCH Institute of Allied Health Sciences is attached with the Kovai Medical Center and Hospital which has all the specialty departments to train the students of Allied Health Science Programmes. The students of Allied Health Science Programmes in KMCH are deputed under the Specialty Medical Professionals for their clinical training as prescribed in the University Curriculum.

During their fourth year of study, they are deputed to have a complete clinical experience in the departments under the Medical Professionals and Senior Technicians. The training in KMCH Clinical area during their second and third years and their internship during their fourth year of study has made them Skilled and Competent in their respective fields equipped to work in any kind of clinical setting in the world.

The Allied Health Professionals who have graduated from our institute have excelled in their Professional and Clinical jobs and this has helped them find employment in the best health centres in India and Abroad.

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